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Let’s see why Xbit can be a beneficial project. What are the advantages for coin owners? And in general, if you are a coin holder, what will you gain?

And collectively, we are going to see what features this coin can offer to the people who have bought it.

Xbit coin has been developed for Xbit online casino, and simply put, owning Xbit coins can bring value and benefit to owners in two different ways. We will go through each of them in full to see exactly how people can benefit from this project and why it will be successful.

Betting Xbit

First of all, coin holders can stake their coins.

By betting Xbit coins, users can receive an annual return of 5 percent, which is considered quite a considerable return on international scales.

In this method, the coins are frozen and are not transferable. For each year of bet, a 5% return is given to the owners.

With the coins staked (frozen), their distribution on exchanges will decrease. As a result, the price of the coins will increase. So this is another way that coin owners and holders will benefit from the betting process of Xbit coins.

Xbit Represents Income Shares

The second way that Xbit can be a beneficial and successful project for all coin owners is to own the coins themselves and directly in fact.

Why? Because XBT coins are also known as representative shares of  Xbit casino income.

The annual profit will be divided among the 800 million coins (including 400 million coins from early investors and 400 million coins offered to normal buyers – see section 2 for more information).

So in general and in simple words, anyone who has these coins will receive benefits and interest from the casino, through the coins that represent income from shares.

Xbit is a currency that creates wealth and value, and the owners of the coins benefit from this generation of wealth.

In addition, the project operators use this income to develop and improve the project.

Since the starting price of these coins is very low, especially during the early stages, and also since their technical base and value is much higher than their initial price, therefore, it can have a large and considerable growth.

It is worth mentioning that users can use Xbit to play and make deposits at Xbit online casino, and they can also use this currency as a financial tool to transfer money.

Xbit technical aspects

In this section, we will go over the technical details of the Xbit coin, to find out exactly what is Xbit? and what are its technical merits.

Xbit, XBT’s exclusive code coin, is a coin that has been developed based on the SHA-256 algorithm, which is the same algorithm that has been used in the development of another important cryptocurrency; Bitcoin

The latest version of the source code has been used to design and develop the Xbit Blockchain network.

However, this coin has its own completely independent and exclusive Blockchain network. So, unlike other currencies that are built on the basis of other Blockchain networks, Xbit is a completely independent currency with its own Blockchain.

Xbit’s total limit is one billion coins, all previously mined. In this network, one billion coins are created and distributed as follows:

400 million coins are provided to the first investors who established the casino and the development team. With your investment, this entire operation, project and casino has been established.

400 million coins are offered to ordinary buyers. The rest of the 200 million coins are delivered to commercial operators.

ICOs are done for the company or project to raise funds.

But Xbit is different. Because Xbit has been created for a financial service that already exists; an online casino.

So first there is the currency, a financial service and a casino, which has established itself with its special services and features. This online gaming device, or this online casino, accepts this cryptocurrency.

Those who buy this coin will receive profit and interest from the casino. This is exactly like buying stocks in the casino.

Xbit’s starting price would be low, but there is a very strong technical foundation behind the coin.

So there is great potential. Since these coins are used in the casino, it is like buying stocks, as the casino attracts more players, it generates more income and the value of the coins also increases.

It should also be mentioned that this casino is official and has all the necessary permits.

What is Wrapped Xbit?

Wrapped = (Digital chest that wraps the crypto)

Wrapped Xbit (WXBT) is an ERC-20 token that represents Xbit (XBT) 30 million WXBT on Ethereum and 30 million WXBT on Binance BEP20 (BSC) and 30 million WXBT on the Tron TRC20 blockchain.

A key advantage of WXBT is its integration into the world of wallets, dapps and smart contracts of Ethereum, Tron and Binance.

Through the main Xbit website and listed exchanges, 1Xbit can be converted to 1Wrapped Xbit, and vice versa. WXBT was created to allow Xbit holders to participate in Decentralized Finance («DeFi») applications that are popular on Ethereum.

The XBT that backs WXBT is transparently verifiable through a «proof of reserve» system that verifies the 1: 1 backing between the minted WXBT tokens and the Xbit stored by the custodian wallet mentioned in the Xbit Whitepaper. WXBT is maintained by Bit Gaming LLC.

A paper wallet for Xbit has been created with 90 million Xbit coins using Counos Paper Wallet for this purpose.

Please note that XBT is also available for «wrapping» or «unwrapping».

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